About Us

PawaBank was started in 2021 by business partners Kresten Buch and Oluwatosin Ajibade, aka Mr Eazi, after having invested in and grown businesses in Africa over the previous 10 years. Their businesses operate across borders in Africa and UK/Europe, so they experienced first-hand the problems that cross border payment issues can create for people and businesses.

Removing trouble...

The high risk of transactions between UK/Europe and Africa creates issues for good people who want to send, spend, or invest their own hard-earned money. Some of these issues include the high cost of transacting, needing to use multiple 3rd party services, getting payments declined or blocked, uncertainty for the recipient, not being able to transact as you want, etc.

The reason for all this wahala is two-fold:

  1. Financial institutions lack verifiable and historical information on both parties in a cross border transaction.
  2. Financial institutions are under growing pressure to ensure they are not processing the proceeds, or financing, of crime.
  3. With many African countries on international watch lists, good people and scammers are thrown into the same category because -> see #1 above.

...by introducing trust

We are on an ambitious mission to remove friction from transactions to and from Africa, by:

Achieving this mission will mean that you will be free to move your money between Africa and the rest of the world without any wahala or workarounds. Unless you are a 419er of course, then only wahala for you.  

If you want to help make it easier to send, spend, and invest in Africa, request access to our Discord here

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