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About Us

PawaBank was started in 2021 to provide reliable and convenient financial services to anyone living outside Africa, needing to make payments to anyone living in Africa.

The team behind pawaBank has spent the past 12 years investing in and growing businesses across Africa. Our businesses operate across borders in Africa and UK/Europe, so we have experienced first-hand the friction that arises when needing to pay for services while travelling in Africa.

Removing friction...

The reason for all this wahala is 3-fold:

  1. Africa operates on its own unique payment system - Mobile Money or MoMo
  2. Western payment systems like cards, are not widely used or reliable for offline payments
  3. Cash is reliable, but not very safe and expensive to take out (if you find an ATM)

...connecting the systems

We are on a mission to remove the friction from making payments while travelling in Africa, by:

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