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Would you like to spend & invest in Africa without a need for hacks, workarounds, family favours, or even alhajis?
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  • 🇬🇭 With strong ties to Ghana
  • 🥳 Who loves early access to new products
  • 💸 And wants to spend & invest in Africa
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pawaBank is currently in beta for Ghanaian Diaspora based in the UK.
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pawaBank is currently in beta

Products coming soon

Cards for family & friends

UK GBP cards for family & friends

Full transparency for you

Full independence for them

Spend some MoMo like a local

From your UK pawaBank account to any MoMo account

Instant payment with better rates than ATMs, cards, and international transfers while visiting Ghana.

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"It’s my money! Why can’t I do whatever I want with it?"

A lot of us have had frustrating moments with our banks policing our funds or making us feel like criminals for making transactions. From answering 21 questions on why you made the transactions to account freezes that can have you standing at the tills of Tesco assuring them that you do have money!

What’s worse, calling customer services (and managing to get through), only for them to tell you to visit a branch or give you vague responses on what is going on. Bruh!

There must be a reason why all of this is necessary? Right? After all, it is my money!


pawaBank is not a bank. It’s technically a prepaid current account. But pawaCurrentAccount didn’t really roll off the tongue.

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